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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Shopping Style-Handbasket

Fashion trends come and go. Ten years ago, people get used to shopping with foam plastic bags. It’s portable and easy to carry about. What attracted they most about it is its free-to-use. With the increase of public environmental awareness, few people use plastic bags.

Do you have any recall of the sight of seven years ago? Paper Bag-Shopping was really popular. It has been popularized in USA for ages. And now, there are plenty of people who shop with a paper bag and I think they attach great importance to environmental protection. A few months later, they came to the realization that the paper bags were weak and easy to fragile. But, this will produce another problem that we have to cutting down the trees. Five years ago, there were many poplars which were along both sides of the street. However, for somebody’s benefits, there are no longer so many trees in my village. What more, government never realized they ignored this problem until now. It is distressing to see government’s ignorance. From now, we will never do something stupid for the purpose of short-term profit.

In these days, people seem to have a plenty of time and they are pleased to DIY and find meaning and enjoyment. They start to make everything which they can image by themselves, although it seems that they just waste time. Now, more and more people of fashion start to shop with a basket which they make themselves. You know, this is a good sign. At least, they start to raise their awareness of the issue of environmental protection.

It’s my turn to protect environment.



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