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Friday, April 2, 2010

Review for USB to SATA IDE Cable

Recently PCI Group (PICMG) select espow to introduce their new product - usb to sata combo kit socket for external sata/ide devices such as dvd, presenter, printer and ect.

The new type of sata ide to usb adapter standard is based on the current CompactPCI standard, consistent with usb 2.0 and it will determine the pin assignment and the 32-bit system slot pin connector functionality. The usb adapter can be used as a high-density, high-speed serial transmission, such as PCI Express, the signal of the SAS / SATA, USB and Gigabit Ethernet.


The group said the new adapter in its socket connector configuration, used as the new standard, because its signal transmission quality and selected on the basis of backward compatibility. In addition to keeping with the current usb to sata adapter standard, meet the PICMG 2.0 compatible printed circuit board space and intermateability, its socket connector shield ah pin or pins for each individual, so that over 700 Gbps of 2 mm hard metric system signal performance. This allows end users to use their devices in CompactPCI PCI-bus card, investment, use of new high-speed serial data applications with a system. About what's sata 2, you can read this aritle.

According to espow's usb sata ide kit working group and the man Mikro Elektronik company Schmitz, The impedance of the connector ideal transmission for single-ended and differential signals. Forward and backward compatibility are included in the design and PCI Express , SATA Interface, USB and Ethernet interfaces are now in addition to the traditional PCI bus backplane to use.


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