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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tell You About Solar Pannel Charger

I would like to tell you about the solar charger portable for cell phones? I do not believe I did not hear these solar chargers, because they are the only perfect solar chargers on the market.

The espow site is a nice interface, in fact, it's a new thinking. It also provides solar charger for cell phone, but can in future posts. In the room, the charge required a little more time, but not bad, because the charging time is still good. On growth for your pocket right, because it is a slim case, it is lightweight and durable.

It does not have wires and solar pannel charger, may undermine your pocket. The charger also has the heat and in it the battery sensors, in order to prevent overheating or overcharging. As the surge has an internal battery of the iPod touch than ordinary power. Therefore, when the iPod Touch fully charged battery rush off to save internal, when the touch get a point. The Surge and then go back and give it more juice. There is also a great benefit to the surge is that you can download a free application from Novothink will help you determine how much light / the sun, you need based on your choice and variable selection applications. I think this is a very advanced user like me useful.

Personally, I have a post, iphone touch solar charger, I like it, because it is portable, as long as contact is a solar charger in the fruit juice and low kick, and I still electricity, ready to go out. When I say that this thing is portable I mean yes. You will be taken around the project, as well as all your friends will love it. I totally recommend any touch or update or a second iPhone the owner of this product!


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