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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Solar Automobile

Solar energy automobile is a automobile to drive on the solar energy. Compared with the traditional engine drive cars, solar automobile is true zero emissions. Because of its characteristics of environmental protection, solar cars, lots of countries have advocated the development of automobile industry of & vigorous.
Solar automobile the a-si automobile solar energy in automotive applications, will be able to effectively reduce the global surroundings pollution, generating tidy living surroundings, along with the global economy & the speedy development of science & expertise, solar automobile as an industry has not a myth. Burning gasoline cars in the city is an important source of pollution, the automobile exhaust emissions of sulfur dioxide & nitrogen oxides will include caused by air pollution, affect our health. Now scientists are developing countries to produce less pollution of the electrical automobile, the hope can replace burn gasoline cars. But now the main cities in power is from the burning of fossil fuels, using electric cars will increase the demand, namely the electricity power of pollutants released indirectly. In view of this, some environmentalists is advocated the development of solar cars, automobile using solar energy in to electricity in to the light energy storage battery, will keep up, to promote the motor automobile. Because of a solar automobile without burning fossil fuels, so not emit pests. It's been estimated that if the automobile replaced by solar fuel automobile car, each automobile can reduce carbon dioxide emissions 43 to 54%.
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