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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3-TB Seagate GoFlex VS UNITEK Y-1064 Firewire 800 Dock

FreeAgent GoFlex external hard drive

Seagate’s new FreeAgent GoFlex external hard drive is notable for two things other than the excessive use of CamelCase in its name. The first is that it will hold up to 3TB of data, with Seagate claiming a World’s First for this feat of packing bits into an external drive.

Whether and how to do backups is an important consideration with such large hard drives. Seagate estimates its 3-TB GoFlex Desk drive can store up to 120 high-definition videos, 1,500 video games, thousands of photos, and "countless hours" worth of digital music. Without proper and regular backups, consumers run the risk of losing a lot of their digital video and audio files and having to spend a lot of time assembling their collection, assuming it can be done. And we need to convince that whether this GoFlex hard drive is compatible with the Unitek Y1064 firewire hard drive dock compeletely.

Therefore, while the ability to store increasing amounts of data on a single hard drive gives consumers flexibility with their digital collections, the need for backing up that data becomes increasingly important.

UNITEK Y-1064 USB Firewire Hard Drive Dock

UNITEK Y-1064 is HDD docking station which including HUB function with USB/1394B+A TO SATA interface. It's compatible with 2.5"/3.5" SATA I/II Hard Disk Drivers. This firewire hard drive dock supports 1394B (Fire Wire 800) backward compatible with 1394A (Fire Wire 400). Trendy and Patented Designed, front plated 2 port Hi speed USB 2.0 Hub which access more USB devices. Hot-swap support means you can use multiple hard drives with your computer without having to reboot.
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