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Sunday, November 29, 2009

2012-Nothing Comes From Nothing

Yesterday, my friends and I saw a film-“2012”, it was not as expected as they said. And I think they are just excessively desperate. Although it has shock scenes, it’s not my style. They expressed excessive pessimistic view about the future of earth. In spades, it is a hyped-up movie.

It’s common sense that the earth has a special ecological system. It can maintain the balance of nature without our help, unless we destroy it completely. Maybe the director just wanted to use the method of exaggeration to arouse the awareness of environment protection, but who knows? There are many similar movies such as “The Day After Tomorrow”. From the aspect of arts, 2012 don’t break against “The Day After Tomorrow”.
All we know the importance of the balance of ecology and more and more volunteers or campaigns start to disseminate through various activities that it is time to carry out radical changes to our environmental protection. We need to cut emissions, we need to be less extravagant and we have a lot of incomplete works.

To protect our common family-earth, we should not rely on a movie or a senseless talk. Just do it! Nothing comes from nothing.

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