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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Portable Solar Charger-Espow's Next Generation

Espow's solar battery charging station will include a powerful solar charger for cell phone which generates capacity of solar cells 100/200V. The solar power charger includes battery storage capacity, until it is need to re-charging of electric devices. The solar charger for phone also has communications equipment to verify the user's identity information and communication of executive officers, and other data to remote data centers. The communication system will make use of local area networks and mobile telephone networks.

Portable Solar Charger

Earlier this year, Espow announced a new public charging electric vehicles is expected to be sold, the cost of 45 million yen a few months ago Station. Toll station of the various options is the need to address the limits of electric vehicles, as well as toll stations, it is important to deploy the network will need to make long-distance travel longer a viable electric vehicles. Almost all major automobile manufacturers are planning to introduce cell phone solar charger or plug in hybrid cars, starting next year.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station is gradually becoming more common. In the United Kingdom Department of Transport estimates that by 2020 approximately 2 million electric vehicles. In the United States, SolarCity and Rabbobank created a partnership to provide free e-between San Francisco and Los Angeles along Highway 101 electric vehicle charging. SolarCity also bought SolSource energy, its electric vehicle charging station installation business. More at:


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