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Monday, January 18, 2010

Expresscard FireWire Boost your MacBook

As someone who has about missing from the previous generation of MacBook FireWire port to talk, I am pleased to see that Firewire ExpressCard. Unfortunately, the case, it seems a step forward, one step back, and in MacBook Pro range of only 17 "model, using ExpressCard/34 slot, many users come to rely on.

It can understand this, our ancient 15 PowerBook G4's "attempt to a FireWire 400 port, one FireWire 800 port room and a CardBus slot, ExpressCard/34 slot than the big. A few years later (I type this article in the 10 a "one ExpressCard/34 slot online version), the latest and greatest 15" MacBook Pro is to have a FireWire 800 port. What is the ExpressCard/34 slot to replace? an SD card slot can be added to any USB interface card reader machine, less than 10 U.S. dollars below cost.

Express Card FireWire

Todd Benjamin, Apple's director of notebook computers recently told PCMag, the company abandoned it, because a successful USB ExpressCard slot, claiming that "almost all" the use of the ExpressCard "," now use the USB device. How wrong he is. Although I can see, the current ExpressCard 3G modem and USB flavors, there are several "pro" applications, I know ExpressCard. The first is to add the connector USB 2.0, eSATA interface or a ExpressCard Firewire Adapter interface, a machine - this is very important to many users is enough, even in the ExpressCard you think a bus is running, so that the bandwidth of the key arch FireWire equipment, doing their thing, there is no dedicated FireWire 800 ports and other peripheral interrupts.

Shoot the key is, who is more and more of these pro-people, and now want to bite the bullet and buy the "big" - in the ultra-thin notebook computers, as it depends on the application, Apple's highest end 17 "notebook computers - the new black - for Let us not forget that the global financial crisis and maintain strict control over the purse.


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