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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Protect 12.1 inch Laptop Data?

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about some issues about laptop hardware data security problem. And I hope that you will get some tips about it. We have all seen the headlines - with important national secrets or sensitive data on laptops being left on the train, which could lead to chaos and revenge is brought to the unfortunate owners, especially if they occurred in a bank work. If you have an hasee 12.1 inch laptop, congratulation to you! It's easy to make it. The most obvious answer is to never leave your laptop on the train. However, if the worst happens, how can you ensure that your important data is safe?

12.1 inch Laptop Data Protection

Apart from errors in concentration caused a time you leave your laptop at home, any data security system in the weakest link is inevitable. Although we have some security issues, on the same password for all of your system is a very serious technical faux pas. About protection the 12.1 inch laptop security against virus. Rather than to break a password to access your data, hackers only need to find one, then all your data is wide open. This could include bank account details, e-mail address book, PayPal account details, even your eBay history. Therefore, Rule # 1 will always have each data area; you want to protect a different password.

If your 12.1 inch laptop contained important information that you would rather not become public knowledge, encryption program is a worthy complement. There are many free encryptions; the Internet can provide you with the level of protection, even if a hacker to bypass your password and gain access to your computer to download the program a lot. Return to the previous point, remember, a good encryption program will never compensate for a wrong password, but it will slow down your average hacker.

Programs, such as data_protection is designed to create an encrypted drive, where you can store your sensitive data. However, remember to keep the password, because without you the security of password encrypted files, you will not be able to access the data. In theory, all of the encryption can be cracked, but some of the sensitive data encryption is better than none. Encryption also tend to slow down the operation of the machine can be annoying for some users. However, not hate them because the data has been stolen .

Most modern notebook computers as an extra layer of security inherent biological characteristics. The laptop will only use a recognized, if it is in the biometric fingerprint reader card. These are the most advanced technical features of the state, but in reality can be sporadic. Remember, when you and your fingerprint biometric identification code, no one else can use the computer, so that they provide a better level of protection for the general user. You may want to brush your fingers more than once get laptops boot normally, but!

Great investment is the external hard drive, you can back up your 12.1" laptop computer files regularly to maintain a copy of these documents, if your laptop backup should decide disappear in a vacuum, is the station's' Lost and Found office. It is best to store the backup file encryption, so that they will facilitate you should need to reinstall them to another computer.


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