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Monday, May 3, 2010

Jack's Top 3 SATA Hard Drive Docking Stations

Rank 3 BlackX Multi-Funtional HDD Docking Station

When you think of Thermaltake you think cases and power supplies, not hard drive enclosures. While they do make hard drive enclosures they are not known for that, but they soon might be with the BlacX. The BlacX is not really a hard drive enclosure; it is more of a docking station. Unlike other sata hard drive docking stations we have seen the BlacX has a totally different design and since it is made by Thermaltake we know it won't be like the cheap docking stations we have seen. Let's check it out. More about this hard drive docking station at youtube:

Rank 2 UNITEK SATA HDD Docking Station

Mac HDD docking station which including HUB function with USB/1394B+A TO SATA interface. It's compatible with 2.5"/3.5" SATA I/II Hard Disk Drivers. This Hard Drive Dock Firewire 800 supports 1394B (Fire Wire 800) backward compatible with 1394A (Fire Wire 400). Trendy and Patented Designed, front plated 2 port Hi speed USB2.0 Hub which access more USB devices. Installation requires no screws or tools. Simply pop your hard drive into the sata hdd docking station (supports windows 7), plug it into your computer and you are set! Hot-swap support means you can use multiple hard drives with your computer without having to reboot.

Rank 1 Voyager All in 1 Docking Station

With its Plug and Play design, the NewerTech Voyager saves you the time of installing a hard drive into a computer or the cost of an external enclosure. Now you can think of bare SATA drives with the same convenience and instant access benefits as flash memory cards…but with huge gains in storage capacity!

Have multiple hard drives you need to access? No problem, NewerTech Voyager’s unique design makes hot-swapping SATA hard drives a breeze*. When finished using your drive, simply pull up on it or use the eject lever for 3.5" drives for quick and effortless removal. Instead of needing multiple enclosures and power supplies for every archived hard drive, NewerTech Voyager makes accessing your valuable hard data a breeze. Just slide in your hard drive, find the desired image or clip, and then return the hard drive to your storage safe.
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