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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Effects of Cell Phone Jammer Spread to the Street

Seattle, Washington (GlossyNews) - instant wealth was awarded to free mobile company, invented a cell phone signal jammer called "the silencer." The creation of new mobile phone users close any excitant near that they couldn't work properly. It is in this demand, they can be found. The silencer will shut up any phone anytime within 30 feet of the radius of the user. This machine is the benediction quiet, gentle, quiet, thousands of customers have them.

The silencer performance index of the signal frequency interference only mobile phones. This often leads to cell, add the high-frequency complaining of many user ears.

This device has the influence on the use of cell phone is dramatic. During the movie, constant interruption, weddings, funerals, game in the library, and other functions in church declined unbelievable. Scientists say that teenagers into their private telephone interrupt ceaselessly in every babbling could lead to concern with long and improve grades in school. The car accident caused a mobile phone distraction has greatly reduced.

Mobile phone manufacturer, has caused the silencer scream. The use of mobile phone sales and they had fallen from our point of view brilliant.

"This is a violation of the right to freedom of expression. What kind of a country, it is if people cannot blindly babble hours, to cry for no reason?" Cacophonous cells Ibrated CEO Carl.

"This device on behalf of the American enterprise destruction." This endless zitterbewegung inventor milos many, overlooking the fact that most of the mobile phone manufacture in China, Taiwan and Finland and the silencer is a 100% of American manufacturing products.

Lawmakers decided it was time seems to infringement, below this kind of circumstance, because they enjoy the freedom and constant ring, with mobile phones blathering the popularity of the explosion.

Further, the invention from cells will soon in the future research achievements, including TV, computer games research, the research achievement and MP3 IPod excessive louder, many americans to invest in the development of the use of a pacemaker disturb dick cheney. Some people are really distortion are developing a vibration warp.

Unfortunately, the silencer decline in the high frequency tones in this region can be triggered the dog, more annoying cells. Another disadvantage is that people use the silencer has the function of ice, and know mobile phones or get "clever" actually those precious people engaged in an important call.

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