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Monday, November 30, 2009

Cell Phone Recycle-Learn from Japan

With the development of cell phone function unceasing renewal and the enhancement, the cell phone already penetrates each aspect which lived to the people. But now, it’s difficult to tackle these cell phone-wastes. In all over the world, it’s a thorny problem. The discarded phone display, circuit board and battery contains a large number of rare metals of gold, silver, palladium, chromium, cobalt, nickel and other metals. So mobile phones are also known as "city-mines."

However, most consumers are used to locking the old abandoned mobile phones, or casually discarding them. So, let’s learn about what the government of Japan does at disposing of phone-wastes.

Proactive Environmental Policy

All of us know that Japan attaches much importance to environment protection and utilization of waste material. The department of Trade and Industry has announced that Japan will carry out a campaign-”old mobile phone lottery-coupon”.

Do It from Myself

In Japan, the awareness of environment protection is slowly filtering into people's minds. Every child knows how to classify various rubbish and waste. With the lack of natural resource, although Japan is a developed country, the Japanese never wallow in luxuries and pleasures. As cell phone diffusion rate ascends month by month, Japan’s cell phone-recycle rate rise fast.

Cell phone and something like this extremely eliminate resource and we would not be in "2012". In a word, the natural resources are rapidly wasting.


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