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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Portable Solar Chargers Research and Review By Accessoryreview

Last week, while in Shang Hai, I received a post from my old friend – Jacksion that he told me he would to work for solar energy department. Well, when we come back to copenhagen climate change conference, I think it’s a little ridiculous that we indeed don’t get the basis of the climate change. However, with the development of solar energy tech, more and more solar cell products have come into our life. You know there are a variety of tools and techniques which can study or research solar energy. Today, I want to show you a serial of data about solar chargers. Let’s get it here.

Solar Cell Phone Chargers Research

"The UA Solar Racing Team traveled to Houston, Texas, March 26 – 28 for the 2010 Shell EcoMarathon. The UA student team proudly exhibited an urban concept car that ran on a hybrid solar/battery fuel system and delivered an unofficial performance of more than 3,149 miles to the gallon."

What do this mean by solar racing? Obviously, we can make a conclusion that solar industry is the future of energy. Instead of oil or other survival energy, the solar energy from sun is exhaustible and of high conversion. In the past 3 years, the demand for portable solar charger is on the rapid increase in European and North Africa markets. In this situation, nobody would want to pay for expensive oil resource. A fall in demand for oil or coal has placed millions of works or jobs in this industry in jeopardy, especially in China. Now, most of countries have developed solar cell tech such as portable solar charger, solar cell phone charger techniques for future resource. Even if you have lots of money, you can’t purchase other resource. For example, when you travel for other countries, you may be exhausted with the power off of your mobile phone. So, keep in mind that a portable solar battery charger will make it, no matter what your cell phone is, such as iPhone, MOTO, Nokia and etc. And now some body seems to worry about the safety problem. Safety is first, haha!!! The major downside is that using a cell phone charger is against your health. If you’re not able to do this, you may run into some battery problem. What I mean by this is ensuring that universal portable solar chargers are really safe and need not to be worried all the time.

At last, a good number of workers have pointed that I never use solar battery chargers for my mobile phone. This, however, don’t mean that I don’t use solar energy chargers for travel and etc. Also, if you want to get a universal and well stable solar charger, you should check it carefully. Maybe you need to make sure the battery capability, out-put current, output voltage solar panel power and etc. Good luck to you!
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