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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Cell Phone GPS Jammer: God-Complex with the Ultimate Tech Toy

Did you ever notice that the worst drivers are always the ones on cell phones driving slow in the fast lane (or nearly causing accidents)? Does it strike you as rude when you're stuck in line and someone ahead of you won't get off their stupid cell phone and pay for their purchase? Do you ever wonder who are all these wonderful people who cannot be alone for two seconds without grabbing a cell phone?

Well boys and girls of all ages, it's time to develop a god-complex with the ultimate tech toy: a cell phone GPS jammer.

Some of you will be skeptical at first, but some of you will experience the same -- dare we say it -- nearly orgasmic feeling of being able to disconnect people from their cell phone calls on demand. We wished we could fly when we were ten years old, but we soon realized it was not humanly possible (thank goodness for the safety net!) This dream is for real, however as you really can teach people some phone manners without them knowing about it.

Go into any building where people shop and we're pretty sure you'll find someone who is on the verge of spontaneous combustion thanks to their cell phone being too hot. Do them the favor and end the conversation that "could not wait"; seriously, we can all get in and out of stores, restaurants, theaters, bars, and offices much faster if these folks would just realize that they are so in the way. The cell jammer works best indoors because the walls of a building weaken the carrier strength of cell phones. You on-the-other-hand now have the advantage and can disconnect everyone near you almost immediately. We love when a crowd of people at the auto show get disconnected altogether, and you know what, they just dismiss this odd occurrence and don't talk to each other... You would think they find it suspicious, right? Nope!

Remember, the jammer keeps the carrier signal from the target phone constantly scrambled. If the target is near you in a restaurant or theater setting, you won't be hearing any unique ring-tones that make certain cell phone users so unbearably attractive, that they may become your future spouse -- significant other at the very least.

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