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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

From Made in China to Made with China

Since November 23, CNN has launched a “made with china” commercial advertise. With this ad, the Ministry of Commerce hopes make the world change the opinion towards China. China is setting up high aims and lofty aspirations at “Made in China, Made with the World”.

In United State, shoes, clothes and anything of daily articles are made in china in most. It’s cheap and good-quality. This ad highlights that China has strengthen cooperation in trade and design for high-quality products.

"Yesterday, I also saw this ad and web-based evaluation is very enthusiastic." December 1, Shen Danyang, deputy director of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce said. China is supposed to launch this ad, one year ago. With the melamine Incident, it was postponed for one year.
From “made in china” to “made with china”, it’s a long and tough time. Now, “made in china” is all over the world, but China has paid a heavy price for it. They sacrifice their nature resource and manpower cost. They just destroy environment intentionally. Although those Chinese workers are diligent and work hard, they can not get what they deserve. So, if China wants to get out of it, they will promote scientific and technological innovations.

China has become a great nation in manufacturing. When will China become a great nation in design?


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