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Friday, July 23, 2010

UNITEK Hard Drive Docking Station-Review

UNITEK sent us one of their ideal docking stations for review, now some are taking a look at it wondering why and the rest are saying ‘wonderful', I fall in to the "wonderful" crowd. Why you ask, well I cannot tell you how plenty of times I tore apart a drive enclosure to make the hard drive docking station for a file recovery setup so I didn't must keep installing/uninstalling drives in to a outside cage or my laptop computer case.

The UNITEK comes in a pleasant box sporting the docking station. This combination would make for a pleasant conversation piece, but chances are in the event you have one of these drives its in your case not setting on your table gathering dust.

There is nothing like upgrading your computer, right? What about getting your elderly information from the last hard disk docking station to the unitek y 1064? Sure you can set it as a slave, but what if the drive is failing and you need to get the elderly stuff fast? Or what in the event you need to prep that drive to be installed in another computer and do not require to must put in it and then take it out, only to put in it again? But then again, there is the installation work. What in the event you could slip the drive in to a dock and pull it out when done without much work?

I have always been an advocate of outside devices. Except for HDD enclosures - the dearth of heat dissipation on most of them makes me shudder in my Spiderman jammies. But other stuff, like thousands of unitek 1064 devices out there, have always made my eyes glaze over and my tongue hang like a puppy with a mouthful of peanut butter. The one thing that always draws me in is Convenience of Function.

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