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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cell Phone Jammers for Enhancing Security

Camouflage Series of Cell Phone Jammers Introduced by 3 Dimensional Security3 Dimensional Security introduces their new camouflage series of mobile phone jammers which give a brand new & matchless tool for enhancing security. Specifically designed to blend in to the background, the SK-16A & SK-01F are effective, low-profile, long lasting, waterproof & inconspicuous mobile phone jammers are ideal for eliminating nuisance mobile phone calls as well as increasing security in prisons & other settings.

Richmond, British Columbia (PRWEB) June 24, 2008 -- 3 Dimensional Security, the Richmond British Columbia based distributor of security products for military, law enforcement & security professionals is now taking orders for their new camouflage series of mobile phone jammers. These long lasting jammers are offered with two jamming ranges & can be used inside or outside. In North America, the sale of these products is limited to government, law enforcement & military organizations.
"These low-profile mobile phone jammers are so inconspicuous nobody would know their mobile phone is being jammed," said Ken Yun, Director of Sales & Promotion at 3 Dimensional Enterprises Ltd. "These mobile phone jammers look amost like a small floor tile. When you hang one on the wall, it blends in & becomes an unobtrusive part of the environment"
The SK-16A & SK-01F camouflage mobile phone jammers are professional products designed for use by military, law enforcement, & government agencies.

Conventional mobile phone jammers look similar to a automobile stereo amplifier. Usually, there's three rubber omni-directional antennas connected to the top & they must be installed in a central location. In addition, conventional mobile phone jammers usually must be concealed because they would draw lots of attention if left exposed. The Camouflage mobile phone jammers address all those concerns. All that is visible is a square tile mounted to the wall. The antennas are built-in & incorporate a panel antenna design. The jamming signal is broadcast only in front of it & will reach a distance of up to 40 meters (using the SK-04E) or 60 meters (using the SK-01F). The width of the jamming signal is designed to cover a complete room.

The SK-04E & SK-01F are engineered to be on for 24 hours per day & even 365 days per year. This is a significant feature as other products designed for rare use will over-heat if left on continuously. Both models also come with an infra-red remote control that gives you the ability to turn the units on or off from a distance of up to 26-feet. All mobile phone jammers from 3D Wireless & Security can be tuned to match the mobile phone frequencies groups of any location in the world.
These camouflage mobile phone jammers are ideal for use in meeting rooms, conference rooms, restaurants, film theaters, schools, prisons, gas stations & high-security areas.

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