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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Stop People Using Cell Phones While Driving?

phone jammer
Are you so sick of those inconsiderate boobs with cell phones in public that seem to oblivious to those around them as they gab and gab on their cell phones. Are you ready to spring for one of those  phone jammer to silence it one and for all in close proximity to yourself.

Do you understand completely while there is still a law here against talking on cell phones while driving, people do it anyway and cause so many wrecks it isn’t funny.

Are you oppose all cell phone laws. Someone against laws stopping people from using their phones in their cars and do you hate the laws stopping people from texting while driving? Someone does. Because they feel personal freedom is paramount regardless of the danger that someone might pose. If someone is driving and using the phone or texting, we should shame them into submission. If they almost hit us, we should take their phone and stomp on it. If people felt this kind of impending pressure, they would likely not be so quick to flip out their phones (unless, of course, it’s an emergency).

There are, though, other ways to handle cell phone users and one way is amazingly cheap. There are an array of cell phone jammers for well under $100. The cheapest ones, running about $30, has a range of 5-25 meter. The big ones, priced around $100, has a huge range and can knock out the signals from an entire building.

There have been so many times you’ve wanted to knock someone off the phone because they’re swerving in front of you (or worse, swerving at you). And while the jammer may not be the perfect solution, it still would be a very comical and perhaps vengefully satisfying solution. The legality of these jammers are definitely in question.