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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cell Phone Signal Blocker - The Excellent Silencer

Instant wealth has been granted the freedom of mobile phone company, the inventor of the new device, cell phone signal blocker called "Silencer." This new building is closed any irritants nearby cell phones users and run them. It is this demand that now only be found for sale on the Internet. The muffler will go to any cell phone anywhere and at any time within a radius of 30 feet of the user. The machine has brought blessed silence, peace and tranquility to the thousands of customers who already own them.

Muffler focuses only on cellular phone frequencies to disrupt cell phone signals received. This often leads to a high-pitched ringing in the ears of cell users, and many users appreciate a silencer.

The effect of this device has had on the use of cell phones in particular has been spectacular. The constant interruption during movies, plays, weddings, libraries, funerals, church and other functions have been incredibly small. Scientists have observed that the interruption of the constant babbling teenagers in their personal phones at all times has resulted conceivable that in their greater ability to focus and improve grades in school. Car accidents caused by cell phone distractions are reduced drastically.

A drop in the quiet unfortunate is that high-frequency tone starts threw dogs in the area which, in turn, be more annoying than the cells themselves. Another drawback is that people caught using the silencer know it's been a flurry of cell phones that do not work or get "whipped cell phone" for those rare individuals who actually engaged in an important call.

Lawmakers appear to be taking your time to decide on the issue of infringement in this case as they too are enjoying the freedom of constant calling and nonsense that comes with the explosion of popular cell phones.

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