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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

5 Tips on How to Maintain your Hard Disk

Hard Drive is the component which is relatively easy to be damaged, but the major cause is improper operation from users. Actually, if pay more attention to some tips in daily use, the possibilities of being damaged can be reduced, so that the normal life span of HDD can be extended!

1.Avoid interruption of power while reading and wiring
Nowadays, the speed of mainstream HDD is 7200RPM, when reading and writing, the whole disk is in the state of high-speed spinning, if the power is cut off suddenly, it will lead to violent friction between magnetic head and disk, and then even the damage of whole HDD. You'd better put it in a hard disk docking station for sata. So if the light of HDD is still flashing, do not cut off the power supply!
2. Avoid shocking
Hard Drive is a very precise storage device, once it comes across big shock while running, it will bring the damage of resource area or scratches of disk, and even loss of data stored in the HDD. So do not move the computer or HDD while running in order to avoid scratches of magnetic layer of disk surface.
3. Away from magnetic field
Magnetic field is the invisible killer which caused the damage of HDD data, so please try to keep the HDD away from strong magnetic field, such as sound boxes, cell phones, broadcasting station, and so on, which is to avoid the damage of data and resource because of magnetization.
4. Avoid frequent operation
In addition, if long time to use a same operation system, it will make the HDD sector which system files locate in a state of long-time reading, then shortens damaging period of sectors. Certainly, the best way is to install two or more firewire docking stations for alternative use, which is to avoid long-time reading operation of one sector.
5. Guarantee appropriate running time
In one day, it is better to keep the running time of HDD not more than 10 hours, and not more than 8 hours of continuous running, it should be powered off to keep the HDD enough breaking time after running a period of time!


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