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Monday, January 4, 2010

Which Wireless Presenter will You Choose?

In business activity, people are always troubled about arranging business meeting. Although there are various advanced tech, the meeting always drags on. So, more and more business-men start to use wireless presenter instead of hands. At presenter, there are three kinds of ppt presenters. They are Espow, Logitech and Microsoft. Now, in this text, I compare them in different aspect.

At first, we analyze Logitech wireless presenter. As is known to all, Logitech is in the von of presenters or presenter mousse. Business-people who never have enough hands when making electronic presentations will applaud the USB wireless presenter. A few months ago, Logitech has announced the launch of its new Professional Presenter R800 and Wireless Presenter R400. You know, it’s fascinating, worthwhile and remarkable. Maybe we can describe them as”a quality of refined gracefulness and good taste”. Two products designed to give users new and enhanced tools for delivering a noteworthy presentation. The new devices have been featured with convenient and intuitive slideshow touch controls and laser pointing, which makes them more reliable to use when moving around a conference room. Co-designed by Samsung, it's a mouse and laser pointer all-in-one with an operating range of up to 15m, multi-functional click wheel, quick and continuous scrolling, and rechargeable battery. Incorporating good looking piano finish in black, white or silver, the Windows compatible Duplus has USB connection for easy plug and play.

Compared with Logitech, Microsoft is better on presenter mousse. Along with the functions of a standard mouse, the Microsoft wireless presenter with laser pointer offers features that mesh seamlessly with presentation programs such as PowerPoint, or audio functions such as iTunes. This one supports Shutcut+,F5, SHIFT+F5 , BLACK SCREEN, BREAKER TIMER , ESC, ALT-TAB, SCROLL WHEEL Zoom in/out for full screen. Turning the presenter mouse over reveals buttons including advance, previous, volume up, volume down, pause, blank screen and even a handy laser pointer. Additional functions include on/off switch, tilt wheel function, mouse/presenter toggle button and side function buttons for use with digital ink or magnify mode.

From the foregoing, generic brand wireless presenter maybe a good choice.


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