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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hava you Used Wireless Presenter Marmot Framework?

Marmot Framework is to provide BSTEK open-source framework that is based in Dorado, and Marmot combination of a lot of Hibernate applications provide further basis for common presenter wireless, components, many of which function is dependent on the database.

Wireless Presenter

The main purpose of the development USB Wireless Presenter Marmot Framework application development is to further reduce the duplication of work, so that the efficiency of application development further improved. Even if some of the existing features in Marmot Framework does not fully meet the needs of certain complex applications, I believe that one way to achieve can also be for developers to provide a good reference and learning.

Marmot Framework in the Advanced Search includes the following features:

* The user's current input query is saved as a query plan in order to facilitate rapid access and query the future.
* Will be part of the access program to share to other people. Take advantage of this feature also allows system-level access program customization.
* Define a default query programs to run automatically when the page into the program of the specified query.
* Provide SqlDataset and AutoSqlDataset the universal query, users can customize the Marmot Framework in the universal query interface for custom query methods, including complex data matching rules, information of card reader internal and collation.
* Support for query field templates, and provide a dedicated maintenance interface in order to facilitate the definition of universal query interface that can query a list of fields, as well as field data types, support for more character list, matches the value of editing, etc. .
*Provide SqlDataset and AutoSqlDataset custom SQL query functions (this feature may lead to security problems, so many systems do not apply).

Finally, Marmot Remote Presenter also provides for the Dorado of the custom control and Studio configuration extension allows the definition of high-level inquiry processes is easier than ever.


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