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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HDMI Life-USB2.0 to HDMI Display Adapter

The more I use this function, the more I like it. The southeast from the moniters to switch to the 2010, MacBook Pro will need to purchase my monitor and projection presentation less a year in a different set of connectors. In view of our multi-display Mac recent interest in the usb2.0 display adapter up my alley right. I used more than a month this package, so let's see how it measures.

USB to HDMI Adapter

If you are a frequent visitor-notebook computer users, especially if you have to use more than one notebook computer, you may find that it can be a challenge to always be convenient for the right combination of adapters and cables, if you want to connect an external monitor. Fast, really no idea what type of connector your computer needs to connect to a DVI monitor? If your Mac has a mini DisplayPort connection, you can connect to HDMI displays? OWC's USB interface and DVI/HDMI/VGA display adapter trying to reduce this confusion. If, rather than what type of connector, it is worried about is your laptop, you need to do is to connect a small device the end of monitoring, the other side of the Mac's USB port? I can even think that in some cases, a number of desktop owners would like to receive the product.

This usb to dvi hdmi vgaadapter also makes it possible to connect up to four monitors to your Mac and if you have a number of available USB ports (and purchase a number of adapters). Windows drivers are also included on the disk if you need to use it in that environment.
Minimum System Requirements

To make this package you must be running the Intel processor Mac mind DisplayLink's software use. Our test unit shipped with the version of the software 1.1. Although this version on my MacBook runs on Mac OS X 10.5.7 professional, there is a new driver to solve a problem, that some drivers may not load properly test version of a fine. This device and software package does not run on PowerPC processor-based Mac.

Our test unit included a driver CD, USB adapter and cable, DVI-HDMI adapter, DVI to VGA adapter. The driver CD contains the manual and the Mac and PC Quick Start Guide, as well as the two platforms the necessary driver software. In most of the 27-page user's guide every year about the size of a CD case page dedicated to Windows installation and general troubleshooting. In the Mac specific parts of the guide covers an area of about 5. Usually has a manual specifically for the Mac installation may affect me, but in this case, the information you need, with little.

I have the impression that the right to one of the things outside the box is the size of the device. It is sitting on my desk pretty quietly doing its work. In order to make you an idea of this size, the following photo shows with Apple's wireless Bluetooth mouse compared to the hardware contents of the package photo. In addition, please note that I have already connected to VGA adapter picture.


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