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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Think Before You Buy Expresscard PCMCIA Adapter

As technology progresses, nobody can predict the future. Everyone knows that electronic equipment quickly becomes obsolescent. For example, more and older type laptops and notebooks have been out of use. However, some old cardbus card is still useful. So, we’d better install an expresscard to pcmcia adapter to expand our notebooks. Where can we get it? I recommend a perfect shop-espow. The ExpressCard to PCMCIA Adapter Card converts a laptop ExpressCard port into a PCMCIA CardBus port, allowing you to use older CardBus cards with a newer laptop computer. In this way, we can save a lot of money on laptop. Ideal for use with Ethernet LAN, Broadband, Modem, and other CardBus expansion cards, the adapter eliminates the expense of having to replace your existing pcmcia cards for the sake of compatibility. In a word, you can enjoy your digital and wireless network life easily. The adapter card supports common operating systems including Windows 7, Vista, and Mac OS X and up.

How to use this adapter card? The ExpressCard To CardBus adapter is esay to use. Insert any CardBus device into the CardBus slot of ExpressCard CardBus adapter, and then insert the ExpressCard end into the ExpressCard slot, the computer will instantly detect the new CardBus device. This product is the most economical way to connect a PC cardbus to Expresscard equipped computer. I connected a Wireless PC card to it, plugged the adaptor into my MacBook Pro, and it was immediately recognized. As we know, it is not only compatible with Windows 7, but Mac OS X. There are no drivers to install; all you need is the appropriate driver for your cardbus installed on your machine before using.

Sometime I am not sure that I can get a full-compatible expresscard to pcmcia card. It does work for me, with a few issues. Namely, it isn't a tight fit in the slot, and a can rock from side to side, which will lose the connection. In fact, too much time is spent worrying about that, it may never happen. And it needs to be inserted a few times for the card to get recognized. Just don't remove the card while your laptop is reading it, or the port will lock up, which may require a hard reboot to fix, that is think before you buy expresscard to pcmcia adapter.


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