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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Expand our Hard Drives with a Docking Station

When we want to see a HD movie, there is not enough storage space. All of us will be very annoyed. If there is one thing that pc users never stop craving, it's external dock station. More hdd space, multiple all in one card reader attached to our various cards, external enclosures... So, it can never satisfy ones inner desire. And then we may be stung with desire. After a while, we might realize that we have too much/less storage, but who feels right about throwing it away, no matter how menial its density may be?

Today, I am taking a quick look at a very unique hdd docking station from Espow. While most external storage solutions require you to install a hard drive inside of an enclosure, the Unitec Docking Station is really different. You know, a lot admit that makes a difference. Instead of dealing with the hassle of an enclosure installation the hard drive dock allows you to plug a bare drive straight into a dock.
Who is this drive for? The One Touch Backup function is the most convenient solution to backup from PC to external hard-disk! (One Touch Backup function supports Windows O.S. Only). Enjoy the convenience of all-in-1 docking station. Those who regularly swap hard drive in and out of their system, and believe it or not, there are a lot of you. No one wants to keep six or more hard disks installed in their enclosure, after all. In fact, it’s an all-purpose hard disk dock station. The docking station with card reader eases the pain by allowing you to simply hot-swap your drives as necessary.

What the station attracts me most is that it is fully-compatible feature, no digging around inside your computer or the other external devices. It’s easy to carry about and it makes things convenient for us. This hdd dock station lets us install and remove hard disk drives with the computer turned on and without opening the device to install your hard drive - just insert and go.



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