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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If You Just Have a Expresscard Slot

If you're the owner of a new type Mac notebook that has an ExpressCard slot instead of a cardbus slot but you still need to use the old type pcmcia card, then you’d better install an expresscard to cardbus adapter. In this way, it can help you out. Some people might say, you can use a usb-based display adapter to make it.

A few days ago, Espow announced that they had produced a new type of expresscard to pcmcia adapter. You know, this is indeed hot news. This adapter allows customers who have purchased laptops with ExpressCard 34/54 ports to continue to use existing PCMCIA CardBus cards.

Compatibility is obviously derails the forward-card tech process. Fortunately, it works with Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS. So, in a word, it’s really a fantastic and full-compatible expresscard adapter. The ExpressCard to CardBus is esay to use. First, insert a normal CardBus device into the CardBus slot of the adapter, and then insert the ExpressCard into the ExpressCard slot that your laptop has. All there is needed is to follow the onscreen instructions to instal the drivers of the newly installed CardBus device. Just do it, really easy!

Because of good compatibility, the expresscard to cardbus adapter can work with Windows/Mac OS. Who else will benefit? Well, there are also a lot of people I know that are holding off on buying new Apple notebooks. So, they will never to buy a new notebook to expand their expresscard slots.


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