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Monday, December 14, 2009

Blog Reprint-Don't Count on Copenhagen or 6 Please

What do you think of the subject of climate? Is it a question about math or history or both? It makes no sense to talk about this. What we should concern about most is whether we can make a deal. With all due respect, the Copenhagen meeting is just a tea party. They will and can not make a precious or constrictive deal in Copenhagen treaty. And the reason is clear that if they make a numeral deal, it will greatly threaten the benefit of developed countries. copenhagen denmark

Have you seen “Hopes of global emissions deal at Copenhagen begin to fade”? It was clear from the environment ministers' discussion group that there remain wide differences over emissions targets for the developed and for the developing world, and over the financial help which the rich countries agree in principle must be given to the developing nations to help them to grow in a low-carbon way. There is also a procedural problem which may prove the most intractable of all, concerning whether there should be a single agreement at Copenhagen, or two. The developed nations – including the UK – want a completely new treaty which would encompass the world's two biggest carbon emitters, China and the USA. Neither of them is covered by the current Kyoto protocol: China because developing nations are not committed to do anything by the protocol; and the USA because President George W Bush withdrew the US from it in 2001.

In fact, it's easy to accomplish carbon emission reduction. You know, just develop new clean energy, such as solar charger. However, this will hurt some countries' benifit. So, the key of making a deal is the benefit of China and USA. Last week, the talk between China and USA had a strong smell of gunpowder. For each benefit, they have almost attached each other. People do not like to see the war of Copenhagen meeting. But, it’s unavoidable. We can not rely on Copenhagen or “please, please, please…….”.

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